Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Box Office

  • Our Box Office is conveniently located next door to the main entrance.


  • We have a digital LED 5×6 high resolution marquee board.
  • You may utilize our Marquee to advertise your event.


  • 4800 Sq. Ft. standing room with a raised VIP section.

Production Control Room

  • Located directly offstage with separate access for greater security control.
  • Three (3) production rooms, 8×8, carpeted, can also be used for quick changing.
  • All rooms standard with multi 110 Edison plugs, furnished with desk, chairs and mini sofa.
  • Wireless Internet

Dressing Rooms

  • Located down the hall, enclosed and private.
  • Three (3) dressing rooms 8×8 standard with carpet, sofa, chairs, mini-refrigerators, full length mirrors.
  • Wireless Internet

Shower Rooms/Washer & Dryer

  • Individual shower rooms with sinks, toilet and change room.
  • Standard washer and dryer.


  • Stage is 22×32, height is 3 ft., all hardwood and carpeted.
  • Ceiling height from stage to ceiling 14 ft. 6 inches.
  • Three (3) 100 amp single phase Cam Lock systems of dedicated power.
  • One (1) dedicated 30 amp to back line music.
  • Black velour drape upstage. Back wall to utilize banners.
  • One (1) convenient loading bay enables one semi-truck to load and unload.
  • Loading door is 6’ wide, 14’2” high and 24” above the outside ground.
  • Sprinkler system and fire curtain.
  • Plenty of parking for 40’ semi-trucks and tour buses if needed directly behind loading dock.


  • Eight (8) PR 336 LED moving heads.
  • 24 LED RGB par cans.
  • 2 LED crowd blinders.
  • 2 atomic strobes.
  • Light console varies.
  • AVO, Pearl, Chamsys/USB wings.


  • Three (3) 100 amp single phase Cam Lock system for power.
  • One (1) dedicated 30 amp circuit for backline.

Loading Door

  • Door is 6’ wide by 14’2″ high and is 24” above the outside ground.
  • One semi-truck at a time load and unload.